I have availablity to take on a small number of commissions per month, so if you have an idea for a piece of jewellery you would like made please get in touch!

A pencil sketch next to a sterling silver and rose quartz mock up of the drawing

How The Process Works

We have a chat about what kind of things you like and dislike, sizes, features that you want included, what kind of price point you are wanting to spend and what timescales I will need to complete the project.

It is really handy for me to have pictures of things you like but bear in mind I won't copy other peoples work so these pictures are for inspiration rather than design.

Next Steps

After our initial chat, I will go away and brain storm some ideas. I sometimes make some simple sketches to help you visualise the design. We can make tweaks and changes at this point.

When you are happy with the design, I will send you an invoice for the piece. Once this is paid I will start making your order.

Once the invoice is paid you can't request any more changes. Sometimes when I go to make a piece some small tweaks will need to be made in order for the design to look its best, but I will always endevour to check in with you before making any decisions.

A collection of handmade gold and silver stacking rings on a jewellers bench peg
Silver and Bi-colour Stone Ring
Silver Stars Locket
Purple and Blue Infinity Stacking Rings
Silver and Moonstone Earrings
Silver Heart Necklaces
Copper Acorn Bracelet
Opal and Silver Necklace
Silver and Purple Gemstone Ring
Opal and Silver Necklace
Moon and Star Earrings
Celtic style wristband
Silver and Pink Gemstone Ring

Important Bits


I can not refund commission orders unless they arrive to you damaged or faulty. This doesn't include a ring not fitting if I have made it to the measurements you gave me. It is SO important you are happy with all elements of design and sizing before you pay your invoice.


Remember gemstones are a natural material and no two are the same. I will try and get as best a match as I can for your preferences but sometimes the exact colour/inclusions are out of my controll


Remember that I make all jewellery myself by hand. This takes a really long time, but I love creating your pieces from literally nothing, right from design through to sourcing and ordering materials, planning, making, polishing, the works. If you aren't a fan of the 'handmade' style, and are looking for something perfectly machined, I might not be able to meet your expecations.


I aim to have your piece delivered to you within 4-6 weeks but this will depend on the complexity of the design, how many other orders I am working on and whether or not your piece requires hallmarking. If i can get you your piece sooner, I will, but it is a good idea to allow yourself plenty of time if you are ordering as a gift.