Gemstones - Alternative Meanings Behind the Beauty

I adore using gemstones when designing and making jewellery and if you read up on your favourite stone, it will probably be linked to a birth month, some healing qualities or spiritual meaning. Not only do they add a beautiful pop of colour to a piece, but they can incorporate a bit of a personal meaning to the jewellery you are wearing.

When it comes to picking stones, I am a bit of a magpie and just go for the ones that I like the colour/shape/feel of. The other week I was reading up on some of the meanings people attribute to these stones and I found it so interesting, especially since there are a few specific stones that I always gravitate to. Here are some of the cool things I found out about four of my favourite stones to use in jewellery making.

Rose Quartz

I don’t know about you, but Rose Quartz is a stone that I have loved since I was a kid. I always had a little nugget of it somewhere, whether it was in a jewellery box, the bottom of my bag, or in a coat pocket. Most of you will recognise this little pink beauty a mile off. Popular due to its pastel shades of candy floss pink, Rose Quartz is always a beloved stone when it comes to jewellery. Often associated with love and and romance, this stone is connected with strengthening personal relationships both with other people but also with ourselves. What you might not know about Rose Quartz is that it can help sooth your sleep, warding off nightmares and giving you happy dreams.

Blue Lace Agate

I’ve always loved the variety of colours you can get from the different types of agate, but Blue Lace Agate is by far my favourite. Its milky pastel blue colour is broken up with threads of contrasting blue, greys and creams making each one different in its own beautiful way. This stone is often seen as a positivity stone, promoting peace and tranquility as well as nurturing balance, stability and calm. I am a total worrier, so I feel like I need to put in the work in to have a positive mindset, which might explain why Blue Lace Agate always catches my eye!


This has to be the gemstone that I use the most in my jewellery. I just love the colour tones, the variety and the feel of it. With hues ranging from a green grey, to bright aqua and everything in-between, it is the pastel greens (especially of the frosted aazonite) that I think I will always love the most. It is also known as ‘the Hope stone’ and is described as helping focus your mind and thoughts, to unmuddle both the people and world around you. It is used to help bring the positivity you hold within to the surface and keep it there! It has been used in jewellery for thousands of years, so it is lovely to still be able to work with this beautiful stone.

Rainbow Moonstone

What is it about those rainbow colour flashes that just always draws you in? I am a total sucker for anything with a bit of a rainbow sheen, my lovely friend even managed to find me Prosecco glasses with a coating on to give them that effect! So naturally rainbow moonstone is just irresistible to me! I read a cute article about how rainbow moonstone was used in the Roman times to protect travellers at night, and how it is sometimes used to maintain bonds with people if you are moving away or travelling apart. You each have a piece of rainbow moonstone that you keep close in order to stay connected. I just think this is such a lovely sentiment if you are moving away from someone you love. To both have a little rainbow moonstone necklace or ring is a really special way to feel close to each other when you are apart! I live really far away from some of my most favourite people, so this really gets me in the feels, and is a good excuse to incorporate this beautiful stone into my jewellery.

It’s hard to read through the various ‘meanings and uses’ of gemstones and not find some kind of personal connection to their attributes that explains why you are drawn to them. Whether or not you buy in to the theory, I always find this kind of stuff so interesting. They say that every piece of jewellery tells a story, and I love the idea that your choice of gemstone can connect you to your jewellery with a deeper significance than you might first realise.

But what do you think? A stone is a stone is a stone? Or do you look for deeper meanings in these things? I would love to hear your POV in the comments, or why not send me a DM on social media to start up a chat?

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