Hia! It's Keeley here. I am the hands that design and make all the jewellery you will see here. I feel like I should introduce myself seeing as this is my first blog post for Moon and Dusk! I was born in a little town on the South East coast of England but moved up to Central Scotland over a decade ago now. I settled up here with my partner and then along came two littlies and a puppy and now life is mainly about making the most of the time we have as a family.

I have always been creative and found jewellery making was not only a really productive outlet for me, it was a little something I could do to get some 'me' time without the guilt that so often comes along with claiming back an hour or so. A very supportive family coupled with lots of evenings working away once the kids were settled, allowed me to find a new love for creating that I hadn't felt for a long time. And that leads me here, to the first official collection at Moon and Dusk; 'Beautiful Not Broken'.

Growing up with the ocean on my doorstep was amazing for so many different reasons. I remember the first time my partner came to visit my home town he said 'I understand why you are the way you are now', which seemed like a strange thing to say but I totally get it. There is a way of life/vibe/feeling you get near the ocean that gets ingrained into your soul when you spend so much time there. Happy times spent with friends on sunny days. Sad times when you need a long walk and the sound of waves. The presence of the ocean is like the friend that's always there through good and bad.

It's hard to explain but if you know, you know.

Something we have really enjoyed doing as a family on our trips to the beach is searching for 'sea treasure'. If you've not given it a go you really should. It is highly addictive though and now I find it difficult to walk along the shore without scanning the sand for 'jewels'. All of the pieces of sea glass I use in my jewellery have been hand picked by me or the kids on one of our beach trips. My littlest one loves to clean the glass when we get home because she loves the way the colours change when the glass is wet and dry. I love the way that it is a resource that isn't mined; nothing was torn apart and wasted, or grown in a lab and created synthetically. It's just a piece of glass, washed up on a shoreline.

I am also in love with the concept of hope that sea glass embodies. Something that has been broken, smashed to pieces, and seemingly beyond repair can take on a new beauty. The fragments don't need to be put back together to what they were before. Just give them time and the ocean and the pieces take on a new beauty that is so wonderful that it doesn't matter what is has been in the past, you accept it for what it is now. Softened and worn by time and erosion.

I love working with seaglass because every piece is genuinely unique and different, so each piece has a different feel to it. There are a couple of the pendants in the collection that are SO tactile, you just cant help but touch the glass, making those necklaces perfect for people (like me) who subconsciously fiddle with their jewellery when they are concentrating or anxious! There are also some pieces with the most beautiful green and blue tones giving the glass a real feeling of it being a precious jewel rather than a regular piece of glass. Each piece is beautifully frosted, individually textured and smoothed.

I knew I wanted to use sea glass in some of my jewellery so in between other projects I have created the 'Beautiful not Broken' collection around this inspiration. I have a few more styles to add and will keep my online shop updated as new pieces come available so be sure to follow @moonanddusk on instagram to stay in the know, or subscribe to emails for updates straight to your inbox (I promise you won't be getting emails every week clogging your inbox, just now and again when something exciting has happened).

So let me know if you have found anything washed up on the beach recently! Have a great day guys! Kxxx

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