Key Pieces For A Capsule Jewellery Collection.

After chatting to lots of you at Makers Markets this year I know many you have a few key pieces that you wear most often, and then a few pieces that you mix in with this every day look to change it up a bit.

It got me thinking about the importance of having a capsule jewellery collection and what should be in it. To me, a capsule jewellery collection is a selection of pieces that can be worn with any outfit, complement your style, and can be worn with other pieces. They are your trusty, loyal, go to pieces that you know will look amazing. You put the effort in to choosing the perfect items so that you don't have to faff about when you are getting ready. You already know it will all look amazing no matter what. They are the bones that form the rest of your collection and set the tone for your over all style. For these pieces, versatility is key as you need them to be not only wearable, but have the ability to pull your whole look together.

When you are choosing pieces it is a good idea to bear in mind complementary shapes and textures that you love on their own but look cohesive when worn together. Think coordinate rather than being too matchy matchy. This is so you can mix and match other pieces in later without them sticking out like a sore thumb. You can focus on your favourite metal, like sterling silver or gold, or you can cleverly mix metals together for an edgier look.

I have pulled together 5 key pieces that I think are a perfect start to that capsule collection and form the ideal basis upon which to grow your jewellery stash.



A pair of simple studs should not be underestimated. They enable you to add that bit of sparkle without the feeling of it being overdone, especially if you are choosing to wear a necklace also. You can get so many different styles, from simple silver, to textured shapes, to pretty gemstone. Remember to go for something you could wear everyday, rather than something you find most eye catching. I love to add a real flash of personality by teaming mismatched studs with a simple chain for a fun relaxed every day look.


Short Necklace

You can dress so many styles of neckline with a short 40cm necklace as they are perfect to sit along a crew neck line or break up the skin of a v-neckline. I would recommend something simple and not too heavy for this piece, as it is the perfect length for layering up with larger pendants as your collection grows. You can't go wrong with a popular hoop or bar, but sometimes a gemstone can be nice to add a pop of colour. Don't forget, if you stick with silver, texture and facets on the surface of the metal can lift your look by reflecting that extra bit of sparkle.


Long Necklace

Some outfits will require a longer necklace, something like 50-60cm can be a nice length. You can get away with a heavier design here so it's nice to go for a bolder pendant. Often is it this piece that creates a signature 'look' you get known for and can build around. I know lots of people who have this piece as their most sentimental, with the pendant representing family members initials, birthstones or having some other form of personal connection, perhaps as it sits so close to the heart.



The style of this piece will be largely dictated by your own preference and lifestyle so it is important to think about this when choosing a style. A fine delicate bracelet is a great piece to own as it won't get in the way of your busy lifestyle. However, due to it being a 'high impact' area to wear jewellery, this might not always be the most practical. Silver bangles are a personal favourite of mine, as I love the way they look on your arm and they can so easily be built around when you want to dress your look up a bit.


Stacking Ring

I have definitely saved the best for last. I just love a stacking ring! I have included it as one item but it really should c


ount as all five as I am very much of the opinion that you can never have enough of them! You just can't go wrong with a beautifully elegant silver band, understated and simple but so pretty. I love adding texture to mine for an extra sparkle which is a great way to tie your pieces together.

Stacking rings are also a fabulous way to pull together different elements such as gemstones and metals. Matching gemstones in earrings and rings is a more subtle way to coordinate your collection than having a classic earring and necklace matching set. Or tie together silver earrings and a gold necklace by having a set of stacking rings that also mix those two metals together. Collect and mix up your stackers to get a fresh feel from the same jewellery.


What pieces would you include in your top 5? Would you swap out a pair of studs for some hoops? Or a necklace for an anklet? Let me know in the comments or come and chat to me on social media! xxx

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