Top Tip - Cleaning Up Tarnished Jewellery

It defo feels like we are creeping out of winter and into Spring now, with the brighter evenings and milder weather! If you are into the ‘Spring Clean’ mindset I have a handy little tip for you!

Silver jewellery can tarnish at different speeds and for different reasons, but it does tarnish eventually. Sometimes giving it a rub with a clean soft cloth (like the ones you get as part of your Moon & Dusk care packs) is enough to brighten up your silver. Other times you might have a more intricate piece or chain that needs a clean and a cloth isn’t enough to get into all the little gaps. But don’t worry, with this little tip you’ll save yourself a tonne of time and elbow grease!

You Will Need; Some kind of bowl or tub that won’t mind getting a bit hot. Tin Foil Boiling Water Bicarb of Soda Tarnished Jewellery Soft Cloth

Step 1 : You need to line your chosen bowl/tub with the foil. I usually use old take out boxes because they can get warm and still be ok. Remember to take in to consideration the shape and size of your jewellery and how it will fit in your tub.

Step 2 : Pop your tarnished jewellery into the foil lined tub

Step 3 : Pour in the boiling water until the jewellery is covered. Make sure you leave yourself a good couple of cms from the top of your container so you don’t get any spillages. Also be careful, the water is hot!

Step 4 : Carefully add some of the bicarb of soda. The amount you need will really depend on the size of your tub and the amount of water you have but I generally use about a tablespoon. It will start fizzing up (this is why you don’t want to overfill your tub with water) so sometimes it is best to add it gradually rather than all in one go. You want a nice fizz happening around your jewellery pieces.

Step 5 : Allow it to fizz away until the bubbles stop

Step 6 : Carefully remove your jewellery. I use some tweezers but you could use a plastic fork or wait for the water to cool on its own. You need to rinse the jewellery in some water so there isn’t any of the solution left on the silver. A quick rub with a soft cloth to get rid of any last smudges and bring out the shine and then you're done!

You can watch me go through the steps above with a really tarnished bangle in this little video!

And that’s you! It’s surprising how much brighter your jewellery will look after you try this! I love this technique so much, so why not give it a go too and let me know how you get on!

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